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The Life and Teachings of the Masters of The Far East, Vol 1, Ch 1

It is with utmost humility and with all my heart, that I share with you The Life & Teachings of The Masters of The Far East, by Baird T Spalding as something to soothe your heart and mind, in this incredibly fast changing time.

This is by far one of my most coveted books. The stories within it never really leave my mind, but some days ago, I was drawn back to yet another reading of it..

Already tears flowed within just the short forward, and again minutes later in the first chapter.

Tears only come as my heart is so touched by much more than the words can or do convey. Tears of relief, of happiness, of joy, of profound love.


I started to read aloud to myself and realized that what I wanted was to hear the book, as opposed to read it, and so it began, this very recording, not just for me, but for you too.

Inspired by Eckhart Tolle, and numerous others sharing similar stuff at the present time of the corona virus, and sitting on this book for nearly two years, the time for recording and sharing is much overdue, and divinely timed in equal measure. These recordings are intended for no other purpose than to uplift hearts.

Thank you(rself) for listening- I can only say that so very much about life made sense from this work of heart by Baird T Spalding.

Oddly, though I've spoke about this book much, I've never come across anyone who's actually read it. If you have, and it touched you as much as it has me, please do get reach out. The Life & Teachings of the Masters of The Far East, and all that is within it, lead to my most favorite conversations, about this Thing called God (or Great Universal Mind Substance, Mother/Father Principal, Source, Universal Consciousness etc etc - what have you) - with no attachment to any religion - and Love.

God: Love, one not different from the other, all the same, All One.

Blessings and very much love,



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