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The Prayer of St. Francis of Asissi, revisted (audio)

Years of serving others, only to be drained over and over again, then questioning these very words by St. Francis, that I used to live by...

Fast forward to present moment, where I understand that in order to be of service to anyone, I must first fill my own heart.

On that note, allow these words to be for you first, then serve. Then share your love, with a full heart to share from.

A quick story ~ I watched a woman ignore the call of her body, by doing seva - being of service - in a Sikh temple. She would work the hardest, in the name of God, the temple, her fellow beings, only to after numerous months of ignoring herself, ending up at home unable to even attend any of the services, let alone help.

Selfless to yourself first Dear One. Take care of your body - your vessel - through which God/Infinite Intelligence/Source Energy/Creator Principal etc., communicates directly to you.

Bless You,



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