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The Supernatural & Miracles ~You ARE the evidence.

Is it not evidence enough of "supernatural," our very existence?

Is it not enough of a miracle that a sperm and egg, came into union at the perfect time, to form the You that reads these very words? And just in that, are there not countless miracles, that we too often take for granted?

That you see with your eyes?

That you interpret with your heart & mind?

That you breathe whilst reading?

That you blink?

That the very thing that keeps you alive -your heart - that all that, and countless other things are happening within and of you simultaneously, without your orchestration?

So Who? So What?

Who or what is the composer of the you who stares back in the mirror, being conducted by, if not you?

And that my dear, is solely the physical You, being spoken of.

Is it not true? The few things mentioned above, are they not miraculous?

That we came from two cells, one each from a separate living being is enough to remind me on any given day, in any shitty moment, that there's much more to this life than meets the eye, and so very much to be appreciative of.

That we are here in the physical is but a gift we chose for ourselves- thought we might not remember that just yet. Everything in due time. ~

For now, when you're stressed, worried, anxious, angry, so, and remind yourself of the miracle that you are, and that anything is possible, and everything always works out. You did, after all, right? You were born, nine(ish) months after the spark was ignited of those two cells merging.

Know that you have the power to rekindle that very spark, through the entirety of you, through all your trillions of cells, each time you sleep, offering yourself the possibility to a different life, with each new morning, with which comes the potential for a new you.

You are ~we are~ way more than we've ever thought ourselves to be.

Live through the heart, and know.

You are a supernatural being, a miracle.



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