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Thoughts Inspired by Legendary Michael Jackson

Updated: Mar 2, 2018

Sir Micheal Jackson- truly a beautiful being, who had it spot on.

I came acros a video that was shared on the "Quantum Healing" page on Facebook. I shared the post, quoted some of Michael's words, and then got straight into the following ramble....


Children are born angels, direct from God/Source/Universe/Almighty,(as you wish to call It)- they do have the power to change the world, until they get pulled into the matrix we try to get out of. We stamp the innocence out of children, and they loose the magic that they are, that we were once to.

We were all born in the state of love, being gifted with life, no matter the conditions of our birth. We were born honest. We were born untethered. We were born perfect- a perfect reflection of our creator.

Let us all go back to our innocence to see that perfection once again, to know it, to feel it, to be it- to be the epitome of love.

Whatever strife we are encountering in life is temporary. I believe it was Lao Tzu who said something along the lines of "nothing is real except that what does not change..." So what is real?

Not your body. Nor your paycheck. Nor your relationship(s - intimate, familial, friends, co-workers etc). Nor anything that hangs in your closet....

What is real? What doesn't change...?

Our spirit- our soul, which is forever.

Going back to our innocence, leads us inward, straight to our hearts, straight to that part of us that does not change, that is very very real. Spirit.

By tuning into our spirit, we get that beautiful intense connection

with our body,

with our paycheck,

with our relationships - as everything is energy - you me, the body, the paycheck, the person whom you love the most and like the least- all energy. We are one, but not the same.

Let us go back to love to be the change we wish to see in the world, and not put the weight of the world on the shoulders of the Angels that come to/through. Let children be children, and let's learn from Them. They have just arrived from Source. Like You did.

If you don't know how to love, start by saying "I love you," in your mind to reach the deepest & dormant part of you where there is magic, where abundance awaits you, where the law of attraction resides- where your universal connection exists. It is all within You, dear Ones.

Much peace and love to you each, and be good to You, as when you are, the world around you will respond- the world you have created, and continue to do so.

PS: whether or not you have children, next time they're around you, watch them intently, see them with different eyes, see them with your heart.



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