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Voice Within: Jesus Christ.ina Aguilera


There came a man to Earth

Long long ago,

A man of flesh and bone

With many gifts to bestow

Sent by the Creative Principle

Mortal and yet immortal

He was just like you and me

Arriving with Purpose

Not to be revered

Not bread, nor wine nor healing others

Were His gift,

Rather to remind us that

We were just like Him.

Not for a moment to be


Or Glorified,

That’s not why He

Went upon the cross.

Connected to His Father

He only showed that

Nothing would be lost.

Not Body

Nor Mind

Nor love For One and All

Especially those that

Betrayed Him

For they too are

The Light of Love.

Our Brother

Came long long ago

To show us how special we were.

Showing us that

One person

Aligned with

All That Is

Is more powerful than

Millions who weren't.

The answers to our questions

Are within

And not without.

He wasn’t to be revered

Only remind us of our truth.

Align with All that Is

And live Heaven on Earth.


Yesterday I had a melody in my head. I thought it was a song called “Beautiful.” 

As this morning dawns, as I read and write, the melody returns- and it isn’t Beautiful after all.  It’s “Voice Within.” Same message as Jesus, sung by She who has the voice of an angel, Christina Aguilera...

Voice Within


“When there's no one else

Look inside yourself

**Like your oldest friend

Just trust the voice within

Then you'll find the strength

That will guide your way

You'll learn to begin

To trust the voice within”

**The Creative Principle


Be You, Be Extraordinary.

♥ ☮∞


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