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What's barely making the Mainstream-HumanTrafficking, High Level Pedophilia Rings, Child Sacrificing

There's A LOT of stuff going on in the world today. Much that perhaps we've been turning a blind eye to for too long, or just don't know of.

Check out this article, if it so resonates, entitled, "Media Silent as Allison Mack’s Arrest Exposes Child Trafficking For Billionaire-Backed Sex Slave Ring," By John Vibes of The Free Thought Project.

With great caution, I share this, not to be an instigator of hate for the perpetrators, but rather to invite you to wake up from the matrix around us.

Mortgages, Insurance, Credit Cards, Taxes, Banking, School, Stocks...working hard to earn a living, selling your soul for that house, car, wardrobe, partner(ship), no pain, no gain - whether physically, got get the body of your dreams, or job, ...whatever. You think that's the way it's supposed to be? Hard? Can you imagine that the short list of above mentioned things might be a social construct to keep us from being the true greatness that we are? Like Jesus, like Nanak, like Mohammed? Can we not see these dudes as just more knowing? Sort of rebels to the matrix, more and wholly tuned into All That Is, not to be revered, but to be seen as an example as to what we're supposed to be?

We are each Creators, right here and right now. Creating our lives as they are on purpose, or by default.

No one is supposed to be a slave to anyone, and there's only one way out: The way out is the way in ~ to Your own heart.

Know that "stuff" is going on, as per the shared article, and the only way to change it is by changing ourselves.

Tune in and transcend this information. Just keep walking through, head held high, knowing of a world where love is the predominant state, not fear. Focus on the good directly around you and extending outwards like the rays of the sun.

Life is supposed to be easy and we, my dears, are at a crossroads in history. When we read, hear, see articles like the ones posted above and choose to get angry, raise our fists and fight- we perpetuate "what is."

When we can get quiet, know that somehow we've contributed to what we see all around us (and not judge ourselves for it!), and in equal measure know that we can change what we see by choosing to focus on goodness, (literally the beating of your heart, your childs' first word, the birds singing, all the stars in the sky, shining down for YOU), then Dear One, we are truly creating on purpose, for not only ourselves but for the betterment of all.

Bless You. xxM


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