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Why I Walk Barefoot

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

In essence, I do it because it feels so good!

Three most important things from the video:

  • The earth is a capacitor, which means that it relieves us of the extra charge (electricity), that we pick up during the day.

  • The earth/everything below, has a negative charge, whereas everything above ground has a positive charge

  • We are electro-magnetic beings, and when we do not release the excess (positive (but not "happy positive," charge, we fall into dis-ease). Unnoticeable at first, and snowballs as we progress throughout life. (The film gives an incredible example of both mama and youngster healing simply by getting as much bare skin on the ground, often).

There is a cascade effect of goodness that comes with grounding. It's like taking a vitamins, via supplementation or through blessed food....not 'just' good for eyesight, or hearing or this or that, (there's innumerable benefits, or so, I believe. :) )

So many say the words,

"I need to ground,"

"She's so not grounded," etc.. But what does it actually mean? Exactly THAT! Get your naked feet on the ground! And especially if you have physical ailments. I don't, really, but you know me, I like to experiment with my life....

I have had to update this a few times, because I keep remembering things that I believe have benefited from grounding:

  • release of excess weight ---I mentioned doing "hard yoga," prior to commencing barefoot walking. This entailed loads of planks and warriors etc, I was actually "trying" to tone up, (practicing with Bre & Flo, of Breathe & Flow Yoga), but my body actually changed very little. In fact, I'd been doing a regular yoga practice since about October, with little change.

  • decrease of inflammation, particularly the gut

  • improved mood (decrease in stress when I put my feet on earth, near immediate, and ever better when coupled with deep breathing)

  • sleep like a champion (noteworthy is that as I awake early, so too do I sleep early. In height of summer, was going to bed and falling asleep without qualms whilst still light out, and for months now have not closed my curtains.

  • greater focus

  • dry cracked feet no longer

  • dry skin on limbs greatly improved

  • greater sense of (comm)union with Our Mother Earth - there are times when I am walking along and feel a warm spot under my feet, where there was no obvious rhyme or reason, (no variance between Sun exposure or lack of it in that vicinity). She speaks in many ways.

  • Improved reflexes/natural instincts/intuition. (Being so aware of my self, .when I take a step onto something unpleasant (sharp rock), my reflexes kick in fast, so that I release the weight quickly and gingerly step off. Perhaps my reflexes have always been cat like though, anyhow, I always smile when that happens. And too, I smile when I walk through soft earth that's been well penetrated by a good night of pounding rain. That said, once upon a time, I couldn't even walk barefoot on grass, even if it was nice grass. This has all been re educating myself back to nature...back home to me).

Actually, being more aware of my direct space, also caused me to contemplate how wearing shoes, we have become so desensitized, not need to really care what's beneath...perhaps quite a good metaphor for so many aspects of our lives where too, with the advent of convenience, desensitization has followed suit....and dare I say, a sterilization of our innate..

  • Yes I do practice plant-based style of eating, which now has seen me greatly reduce salt, oil, and sugar. That was sort of part in parcel with turning my body truly into the disciple of my higher self. As it "shaped up," so too did my mind.

All these practices are for that overall purpose: greater awareness of self

I mentioned sun-gazing, which actually, I just started doing at some point in the spring, and have carried on. I LOVE communing with our Sun, words cannot express. As yet, I have perfect vision, which has been adjusting lately, and I am getting an even finer sense as of only this morning, to note. Though I talked of CME's and solar flares that come through in my gazing, that's quite new, and I'm still learning about it all...

All in all, should you find yourself in a state of imbalance within your physical form, be it diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, what is considered ADD, or BPD....try it- what do you have to lose by putting your bare feet on the ground...?

If you have youngsters, cute as those tiny nike's are, keep them off your child's feet. Let them be bare for as long as possible, especially outside. Ever notice how much your kid fights when you try to put their shoes on? Trust them, they know.

I worked with a family where one of the members, within the head of his body, was a tumor. One of the first things I suggested was watching the documentary linked above, and practicing shoes off, as it was doing wonders for me....He did, (among other things), and as far as I am aware, he's thriving, and cancelled his last appointment with the docs..

Now then, as it's getting cooler, I am adjusting, and when I don't do the full walk, I make sure, that when back home, I sit at the edge of our deck to record the Masters readings, I'm there for at least a half hour, feet rooted to the earth. It really is as easy as that. You really don't have to even think about it. As I was saying to new friends just yesterday, whilst doing the walk back, I got the inspiration to carry on walking barefoot whilst it's cooling down, daily. There were a couple of mornings, when we started the day at around 10C, and it took a good while for my feet to warm up even with the shorter jaunt on the grass. My intention is to do it daily, even when it's cold, alternating between the grass and sidewalks. I'll develop calluss', and quite frankly welcome that.

Much like taking cold showers, one just get's used to it, and the more versatile we can discipline our bodies into being, (and they are far more capable than we have been led to believe), the greater our resilience to ANY thing. ....Bear Grylls goes into the wild and survives all manner of things...can we even survive adversity in our own abodes, let alone the neighborhoods...? ~ This morning, I sprinted through the field at the high-school nearby - just to reach the point where I could see our Sun- barefoot, dew swishing around everywhere. It was exhilarating, truly. Once again, I felt like a child, in Heaven on Earth, as I made the turn to the beautiful Ball of Life/Light in our sky.

Finally, there was a woman I met this morning, and whilst most of our conversation was so light, and airy, she did mention something of great import to her; how bad "the situation," is in central Canada...and out of sheer compassion, and respecting her beliefs, I just listened...however, what I'll say, yet again, is this: I would be willing to take on any virus directly into my blood stream. Period. (But, it does have to be the pure, unadulterated virus), and so much of my confidence comes from being supported by our Earth, Our Sun, and all the Space around. Try it, really. I love love love You, xxM ♥☮∞

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