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A Call To Regenerate The World: Curtis Stone, Urban Farmer/Philosopher

It's been a while, hasn't it? I trust this message finds you well.

Back today with this post, after watching the following video by Curtis, which so touched and inspired me. Well worth the 20:20 length, it resonated deeply with me, and there's only two points I would add to his five, that need to shift globally: education, & the way we view relationships.

Those, another time though, with the focus of this post being the five things he so very well articulates.

I don't think that there's one person out there who would disagree with Curtis, but if you do, I'd personally be open to hearing what and why.

In working with the earth, and observance of nature, Curtis calls for a decentralizing of the system so that it parallels with the way that nature works, in harmony.

"Nothing in nature is centralized. Everything is poly-cultural, decentralized and regenerative.
We need to move from systems that are:
Destructive ---> Constructive,
Mining Mentality ---> Regeneration
The Dead ---> The Living
Nature left to it's own devices only expands upon nature, which creates more abundance exponentially, like the Fibonacci spiral.
No image crystalizes what nature represents.
One seed,
turns into one plant,
That plant produces thousand of's exponential."

The five areas Curtis tackles:

1) Politics: An unchanged system for long now, governments get bigger and more centralized, seeing more power to those that have it, and less for those that don't.

2) The Legal System - People are (according to actual law at present), deemed as "things," as opposed to sovereign beings.

3) Medicine - To date we embrace sterile, monoculture solutions. "We're commodities to be sold drugs to. "

4) Agriculture- Conventional agriculture from where vast majority of food is produced, not only contributes to disease, but is the cause of it.

5) Economics - Based on debt. Based on US. A slavery based system.

Further to his fifth point, "the current agriculture system that produces the vast majority of food in this world that's making us sick, is very far removed from nature because in the conventional agricultural system, it's about man against nature....We need to move to something that man IS nature, and thus man works with nature.

...Nature does not like monoculture."

Monoculture (centralization of all systems from those aforementioned, to education, to the way we exist in our (intimate) relationships, etc etc, is dismantling- big topics to tackle, and again, I return to them at the perfect time.

Human beings, rather ALL lifeforms, thrive in community, (or as Dr. Joe Dispenza breaks it down, groups of people in common-unity). One wonders if all this technology came to be simply to connect us all, so that we could rise together, as ONE.

NOW, truly is the time.


Overall, Curtis' "return to true nature," (in all senses of that quoted), is a viable approach and alternative to the centralization that is -and has been- breaking down, and especially in our present time-space reality, with great haste.

The possibilities of what we could experience should we steer away from of how we presently exist - in a centralized system (and thereby resulting in a perpetual state of lack/scarcity indoctrination), are endless.

Indeed, and in agreement with Mr. Stone, there is great potential for abundance as with the single seed, turning into plant, and producing thousands of seeds.

The potential, in my determination, is unimaginable, but the question begs to be asked: Can You imagine it? I most certainly DO.

One only need to look towards the ever abundant cherry trees which shine their beautiful sweet ornaments for us to pick and enjoy.

I walked by numerous trees today, and couldn't help but think how much of that bountiful harvest would remain untouched, fall back to Mother Nature, rot and be consumed by her....

Don't look for me tomorrow morning, I'll be out conversing with nature, enjoy the fruits of it. ;)

Thanks for tuning in, and truly, I welcome your comments. I'm open to all views, and really, just to get a conversation going.

Very much love to and for you,



"Curtis Stone is a farmer, author, speaker and consultant. His area of expertise is in quick growing, high value annual vegetables for direct consumer market streams. His book, The Urban Farmer demonstrates organic intensive techniques with a focus on business and systems to streamline labour and production. He offers a new way to think about farming. One where quality of life and profitability coexist.  Curtis’ farm, Green City Acres is located in Kelowna, BC, Canada and was established in 2010. In an eight month growing season, the farm generates over $75,000 per year on only one third of an acre. This is done by specializing in a select group of high value, quick growing crops that allow for multiple plantings in the same beds as well as calculated intercropping strategies. The farm has been recognized internationally, as flag ship example of how profitable and productive urban agriculture can be." (


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