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A New Normal: Abundance For ALL, At One with (OUR) True Nature

Watching this brought tears of joy, and a feeling of great resonance. Felt like home.

How can we bring our ideas of life well lived and enjoyed to us?

We can't.

We bring nothing to us.

It all exists, awaiting us to tune into it.

With focus and attention to anything desired, from our hearts, (with no strings attached), the desired thing comes into fruition.

Doubt will push it away.

Know the thing(s), put them in a bubble and blow them away, and live as though it is done. It is.

Run an experiment with yourself, if you can.

Tune away from all the "news," for a week or so, and rather tune into stuff like this (or what you see for your self), and see how you feel.

Let us create a "normal," that we actually want, be it food, or the people around us, our home, work etc. Don't know what that is? Switch everything off and practice solitude. Promise it'll be f*cking hard, and I also promise, it's worth it. YOU are, WE are worth it, and that's a true gift for our children and "future generation."

God Bless You~



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