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An Invitation: BE THE CHANGE, #LoveOVERfear

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

Just a little add on to the video:

I admit, it's taken me a great many years to develop the level of self-discipline which carries me like a 'magic carpet,' present day, and yet there is room for improvement.


Why not...?

Becoming the disciple to none other than your Higher Self, the eternal and untetherable connection to God, wasn't my goal, but I have been shown time and time again, that this is the path, this is the way. And what I mean by being shown is the endless blessings I receive in my life in a single day.

Please allow me to not fool you into thinking I am ALWAYS happy go lucky. I do have days where I wish not, to see nor speak to anyone, to do little of anything, and really, just hibernate, be quiet, alone with my Self. I have spoken of such days in vlogs, and those days are just what the doctor (Dr. ​Maruška aka My Body Temple), ordered!

Mostly, I follow the discipline outlined:

  • up between 3:30-4:30am

  • breath focus & mediation

  • The Tibetan Rites

  • **dry-brushing,

  • drink a litre of water

  • shower

  • **fully body moisturizing massage,

  • get ready (make-up and clothing)

  • **hop onto the trampoline for a couple of minutes

  • out the door for a walk, generally 1-2hours

  • another liter of water

  • coffee

  • Masters work: either reading/recording, or editing a segment from The Life & Teaching of the Masters of the Far East to post on YT.

**new things I've added recently.

This is how I live the first few hours of my life everyday, for the most part. By the time I am out the door, my proverbial cup is already full, or even over-flowing, as too, I would have just jumped on the trampoline, which always, (but always!) makes me smile and feel like a kid.

I never take the same route two days in a row, as always there is something new to explore, and often time when I pass a playground, I sit on the swing and go right upside-down for a bit, seeing the world that way. In my head (every time!), I have "Skinnamarinkydinkydink skinnamarinkydoo" <--please, I beg you click on the link! ;D ), I am just that happy, truly, and when I walk in the door, it's more another litre of water, followed by a coffee. All that and my phone has not been checked. Sometimes I send messages before turning on my wifi, as I get nuggets of inspiration for a specific person, otherwise though I turn on my wifi between 8-9am, I don't really check messages til yet later.

I no longer scold myself for not sticking to my discipline, rather I am more gentle with me. It is the beginning and end point of my moon (menstrual) cycle, when thing shift, as I, my body temple, undergoes shifts. Great care is given to It, and I tend to hibernate. More on this subject in a different post.

That's all I really wished to add to the video...That the discipline is what has really shaped me along this seeming path of bliss, goodness and what some folks call "instant manifestations." I think that word has been dragged through the mud, as just because we are here and now, we are the epitome of "(human) being manifest," (from spirit to physical being)....What do you think?

Anyhow, a wondrous day to you sunshine. And remember, you are just that!

Great love, and continued blessings your way,



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