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BEMBA: The Best Raw Food In Slovakia

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

Oh my goodness me.

I found it. I found a place that pleased my heart and belly so very much.

The presentation alone was wonderful, and already a visual party for my eyes, but really after my first bite, no word of a lie - I literally turned round to the founder and owner, Robert Horvath & his delightful right hand man & fellow chef, Rado, and proclaimed that finally, I found a place that "cooks," better than me.
Bracketed is "cooks," because they don't cook a thing at Bemba, it's a raw food restaurant and truly phenomenal.

After being reminded of Bemba over Bratislava's Vegan Fest, I couldn't get back to the restaurant fast enough. Bemba has vast been answering culinary questions I've been asking myself of late- namely, how to turn vegetables in a bread-ish sort of texture. Why, with a dehydrator, but of course.

Over the weekend I sampled their "sushi," and guacamole sandwiched between layers of that very "bread" I'm after. They were perfection in every single bite, and had me dreaming for more. A day's break and I was in today.

A lovely chat with colourful Lenka, followed by more cosmic chatting with Rado whilst Robert prepared my food and I knew I was in for a treat. I most certainly was!

I indulged in a tomato soup for starters, which was great, thought this here,

"Smoked salmon," with raw "cheese," & capers (with ingredients such as squash, carrots, marinated mushrooms, red onions & seaweed), was absolute killer and a heavenly party in my mouth. Did I forget to mention the red pepper & nut "bread," on the side....? Needless to say, I'm T.O.T.A.L.L.Y impressed & inspired. (Full English menu below).

I took immense joy and delight from every single bite, after which I couldn't but not offer my deepest compliments to the guys.

I was just saying earlier to a new friend that it's great that there's a plant-based sweep taking over Bratislava, though (so far as I've noticed), it's predominantly street food, with much in the way of burgers, and deep fried deliciousness.

That's fine and all, but I'm a gourmet type, and this here is certainly that on a whole different level, and it's purely raw. It's a slight bit of a mindfuck ~ pardon my French ~ though in the greatest of ways.

Personally, it wasn't raw food I was after, I don't care about the specifics, if I can say that...I'm a foodie to the nth degree, after taste. Add that to someone putting their entire heart into the food, and it's a different story.

The story about someone so deeply in alignment and in love with what they do, that it's entirely expressed and imprinted throughout their chosen masterpiece: the resulting food. And trust me, it was FULL of love. Absolutely full. How totally totally blessed am I to have received such gifts today - reconnecting with old soul family over beautiful soul food.

Look, it's got to be said, whatever your eating style is, do yourself a favor and GO TO BEMBA as soon as you possibly can. Not just for food and taste, but also the heart that goes into the food.

These guys are sure to pleasantly surprise and delight the heck out of you. You'll leave with an extra kick in your step, a bigger smile, and a little shinier. ;)

Check out the Instagram page here.

Ciao for now, as this little cookie, signs off, dreaming about new food ideas AND a dehydrator!

xxM ~

Happy belly, happy heart, happy(er) me.

Infinite thanks and much love, gentlemen!


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