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Children & Chocolate

If we were to ask them, I bet today would have been the children's favorite Foodplay with Maruska as they learned how to make chocolate.

I'm long gone before they get to indulge in their handmade snacks, but something tells me they're still rubbing their little bellies and licking their lips ;)

What a brilliant morning it was indeed, with chocolate as the star ingredient.

Two bars of dark, melted down with one bar of milk chocolate, bowls of toasted seeds, fresh and dry fruits along with oats and rice puffs.

From doing activities with Simona Kristofova - the brainchild & genius behind Mouse in the House, (FB link), who left the British International School to do something different with children, and totally has! - the children came to me in groups of four to make their own loaded chocolate "disks."

Today was the easy version of making chocolate - simply melting down chocolate bars- whilst part 2 continues next week, whereby we'll be making chocolate from scratch (as much as is possible within two hours, from cacao powder, butter, honey etc). I'm excited to see their response to that after today's play.

I still can't pick and choose as to what my favorite has been thus far....Last week's pizza was great fun, as were the yogurt parfaits, not forgetting the gnocchi, flatbread with avocado spread and pretzels....

All good fun, as life should be and teaching them young about food, fills me with such immense joy. :)


Today's play:

2x dark chocolate, plus 1 milk chocolate, all broken up then melted together in a beautiful chocolate sauce on a double boiler.

A couple of the earlybirds helped prep the most perfect toppings - Fresh bananas, strawberries and kiwi, dried cranberries & raisins, toasted sunflower & sesame seeds, and oats + rice puffs.

All smiles as we finish up, ready to harden in the fridge, whilst the other lil artists continue with their masterpieces ;)

This lil cookie showing me that he got chocolate on his finger...

"Better lick that clean, kiddo!" :)

A few masterpieces ;)


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