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Eat Well: "Activated," Nuts

Walnuts: Left has been activtated-

As per the caption on the picture, the walnut to the left has been activated. That doesn't mean that it was previous part of the sleeper cell collective and can now read your mind, and control your thoughts. It does however mean that the nut has been soaked for 24hours, and other than appearing way more plump, it's nutrients are now more readily available for your precious body. If that idea resonates with you at all, do some digging into the topic.

Aside from the nutritional claims, a soaked nut, and in particular this humble walnut, is crunchier, sweeter and truly, far more tasty than its non soaked counterpart.

It's an easy enough thing to do, and I suggest dropping a couple of handfuls of raw nuts (not roasted, and in purest form), into water (enough to cover the nuts well), with a 1/2 a teaspoon of good salt, and then walk away. Let nature do her thing and all you really have to do is drain, rinse & change the water a couple of times (2x if soaking for 24hours). C'est tout :)

Enjoy as they are directly after soaking, or why not dehydrate the nuts, and then perhaps turn them into a beautiful butter, with the addition of cinnamon or cardamom, or a gingerbread spice mix- whatever suits your fancy. ;)

Here are my activated nuts, turned into butter, with a pinch of salt and cinnamon. The only downfall? Not chowing down on the activated nuts before drying & butterizing them!

For more info, I found Lorna Jane's research and notes to be quite useful. Thanks Lorna!


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