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Feet on the Ground: The Earthing Movie

I shared a documentary a little while back, about a young family that blows the lid off the proverbial box and heads into the great wide world, in search of the "Earth Keepers."

I couldn't help but to think back to that when it came to me to share this with you:

The two are so closely woven, as I remember the family taking their young children through jungles, holding onto age old trees for support as they walked.

Then too, I thought back to the video I recently posted of Dr. Zach Bush on Front Row Dad's, who does come out and suggest parents to get out into the world with their children...that's where the real education is.

And here we are again...ground zero- pardon the pun. The ground is our zero point. I'm choked up just writing this, at the simplicity of an enriched life, a life en-light-ened...and here we are, we make it so complicated....

Stop, dear loves, slow down. Go- wherever you are, in your bare feet, and step upon the earth, even should there be a foot of snow atop it, go, if only for moments.


After I watched this documentary, I awoke the next day knowing I needed to get my feet on the ground, for more than just a few moments, I really needed to ground. In fact, lest I forget, I was told so just last week.

Heading out for what I thought would be a neighborhood walk, I ended up in the forest. I allowed myself just to be guided by my internal senses. Once by the river, still with shoes on at this point, (still a few days before I tuned into the documentary), thinking it was enough just to be on the soil, I looked up towards the sun and the question I asked myself yet again was:

Dear God, show me what it is I need to know

in order for me to be where I belong.

The moment I asked, my feet started to vibrate. I smiled, and knew that I had to be out more. I had/have been contemplating getting out super early for walks, to walk into the earth dipping into the morning rays of the sun, and as that imagery solidifies in mind, I know I will walk into that.

Kindwhile, yes, now having watched the documentary, (it is presently Saturday, and I watched it on Wednesday evening), my mission for the following day was to get my bare feet on the ground.

I walked in a direction I'd not before, found a beautiful, and dare I say, "magical," path, by the university and eventually met "Johnny." He too, was meandering around. Our "paths," crossed a few times, on the path towards where neither of us knew we would end up. That place was a majestic, magnificent....really awe inspiring.

Whence by the river, my shoes and socks came off, and I sat down, on a patch up grass, reveling. Johnny arrived shortly after, and we chatted about all manner of things, things of the heart, all the while, grounded.

Rejuvenated, inspired, grounded, I slept like a kitten upon my late return, awoke early, put my bare feet on the ground, and then showed up here, with a full heart, ready to share with you.

That was yesterday, and it was blustery and cold, and cloudy, but now....the sun shines on my back, willing me to it, and go, I shall.

Sending along some love, joy, peace to you, be open and receive it.



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