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Goddesses~Time to Awaken

Words cannot even convey the beauty that this is. Infinite thanks to my dear Young Wise One for sending this my way ~ Pari, bless you darling SoulSis. ♥

My only words are,

To all you beautiful women,

It's time.

It's time to awaken to All That You Are-



In Equilibrium-

Of the divine feminine,

Coupled with the divine masculine.

Not one way or the other,

But perfectly aligned.

It's time

Not to be equal

But to be you

Your whole beautiful Self.

And, as I share this to my sisters,

I invite you,

Gentleman- dear sweet You,

To also align-

Maybe for the first time

The masculine + feminine

Energy Divine.




Create. Anything. Use your non-dominant hand. Use different foods for cooking. Use different anything-change something. Be Creative. You are an incredible Creator.

Plant both feet in Mother Nature.

Look up to the bright Sun,

The glowing Moon,

Yourself, Your Eyes, In the Mirror.

You, my darling sister, brother~

Are beautiful beyond words.

With great love and care,

xxM ♥


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