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Introducing:The Dragon Ladies

Updated: Mar 9, 2018

In what can only be described as the most cosmic of reunions, these two dragons share a connection which stems from the centre of their being: their absolute love of food, cooking, and all things delicious.

I introduce to you the lovely Dada Skalnikova,

- who, by no means a coincidence - was introduced to me by a dear (mutual) friend, knowing very much of the cosmic connection she was making.

Between two absolute foodies- it was like love at first sight. ;)

Within a few minutes, an initial meeting was arranged, and two days later we were cooking together on Dada's auspicious AGA cooker- a gem in her own right. Talk about cooking intuitively!

Even before that step though, we knew what we were getting into- we were speaking the same language- the language of the heart, through food.


Why The Dragon Ladies? Why not? ;)

According to the Chinese Zodiac, only months apart, we were both born in the year of the fire dragon.

A vicious pair? Not at all, passionate about not just food, but life and living it fully, in joy.

We look forward to surprising you with not only delectable feasts, but also and very much, to touch all your senses.

If not for the launch of "The Dragon Ladies," on 16 March, see you at the perfect time!


Divine Butternut Squash Spread

Well Dressed Jackfruit Curry (Plantbased)

Traditional & Delectable Apple and Nut Cake

Simply Delicious Homemade Flatbread and Classic Hummus (with extra cumin please!)

A PlantBased surprise, and Party in Your Mouth ;)

Plantbased Meringues, drenched with Vanilla Bean Coconut Sauce & other Goodies ;)

♥ ☮ ∞


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