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Sunday Cooking ;)

I managed to conjure up a minor explosion of tastes, without much to go on in the fridge yesterday.

Had boiled green split peas at the ready, which turned into a Hungarian inspired dish with lots of onions, a grilled red pepper, and a good heap of smoked paprika. It married so very well with the salad, which was literally any bits and bobs I could find. Less to work with always seems to give room for more creativity- certainly did this time.

Aside from the herbs, there were no leaves in this salad. It was comprised of green beans, as wells as (frozen) peas, carrots, slivered almonds, toasted shaved hazelnuts, blanched sprouted lentils, fresh coriander, parsley, oil, vinegar, za'atar -my current favorite spice blend- and a whole lotta love ;)

Very much looking forward to doing a rendition of this for some very very special people tomorrow. More on that later. ~

Play with your food! ;)



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