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The Dragon Ladies: Huge Success!

Cookie butter bites.

Some dunked in dark chocolate- crispy and crunchy on the outside, with a soft middle.

Some simply coated in cacao powder.

All had a toasted almond slathered in salted caramel nestled inside.

Also on the platter, aside from the obvious raspberries,

cool peppermint fudge.

All Plant-based.

All a surprise with every little bite.

...and that was solely my contribution towards dessert!

Dada went for an Ottolenghi inspired Baked Chocolate Ganache~

Chocolatey greatness with a dollop of creme fraiche, and the most bizarre, but beautiful, scrumptious sprizzle of yum to bring it all together: Toasted coriander oil and more. Heavenly.


And just like that, you see, I've started with dessert :)

Our big night however, did not.

In fact, our big night, started in the wee hours of Friday morning- game day - after a few hours of prep together in Dada's kitchen.

Both of us being creatures of fine details (which means fine slicing, dicing & chopping, which really means, a heck of a lot of time), we opted for a Thursday start. It could be no other way, Dada's Beef Croquettes alone required 10 hours of love and attention!

My two mains, once all was sliced, chopped, roasted, boiled (not to mention sprouted- started that days in advance-), were relatively easy once all the prelim stuff was done.

I made for a relatively early Thursday night (thought still later than usual) and an even earlier Friday morning, with a 3:39am wake time.

I sat in meditation, set my intentions and flew into the kitchen to finish up the moxxarella, thicken the caramel sauce, and prepare the peppermint fudge.

I wanted nothing but to cook my mains, prep dressings, chop lettuce, and finish the cookie butter before were arrived onsite.


Arriving at Dada's by 9:30am, I was ready for a nap, (not a chance!) had a coffee break and was on it again. She too had been up early and was flying. Walking into the flat was like walking into Christmas with the flavours floating through from the beef - my goodness! She was onto some serious magic.

We did our day's worth of prep, and headed to SORT.

Things were manic, no word of a lie.

It was a night of many firsts.

  • Dada cooking and presenting her delights for the first time at Sort

  • The Dragon Ladies launching together, a respectful and well intertwined joining of meat & plant-based food (and we only met about a month ago..(?)) I suppose that's how Dragons go, with fire and passion ;)

  • Due to extenuating circumstances, the scheduled wait staff could not be present, hence there were a couple of newbies- Mayo & Kaya- lovely, so lovley - and overall a harmonious team, not forgetting the extra hands we had- or rather hearts. Robbie and Mat'a, mega mega thanks!

...and you know what?

It was stressful, manic, crazy, loud, hot, AND above all, so many levels of A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

There were moments when I had to remind myself why I was there

for the love of food,

for the love of cooking,

for the love of sharing goodness,

for the love of people smiling and having a good time. And as far as us two Dragon Ladies

knew, people were smiling,

people were surprised, -they didn't have to pick from the menu, it was all done. They received a mixture of silver and plated service.

Everyone was having a good time, happy. The intention. :)


We were kept on our toes the entire night, very very very much in the present moment, without time to think beyond the focus at hand. Perhaps I was a dick when plating, I don't know, but the fire was on, food had to get out in front of guests.

I was reminded of my event managing days in the UK. Reminded of seeing Gordan Ramsey on his toes, seeing chefs throw things, scream at staff, really really lose their lid.

It's fast, crazy fast and being in that boat gave me a whole new appreciation for those guys. And in the same breath, I think to myself...

well, let's just slow it down then.

let's really celebrate the joy and art of food,

of company,

of servers,

of DJ's, musicians and other entertainment,

of chef's....

Let's be a little bit more French in this matter. Non?

Always a dreamer,

I know,

and always will be.

To the Dragon Ladies,

To Dada~

Three cheers

for going with dreams. <3

Not too shabby for a couple of first timers

for many things on the eve of March 16.

Invaluable lessons,

Which no school could give

We've got to go with our heart

And jump right in. <3

Many blessings~

♥ ☮ ∞


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