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What's Really Going on in Canada's Capital: Ottawa | Freedom

Paula Tucci, co-founder of Stand Up Canada.Solutions, hardly needs an intro, and if you've not met her/come across her yet, I leave you with the above video to hear her passionate speech, her sweet impassioned heart.

Words could not say enough about this dear dear soul, who left the comfort of her garden, and private space to step onto podiums as this one, straight out of her comfort zone. Paula jumped on board in the early days, when she found that no one else was really questioning what was going on in Canada (let alone the world).

Among other things, Paula, a dear dear heart-centred and beautiful soul, excels as a data analyst, and she found that the data being purported just wasn't adding up. One of the greatest "alarm bells," was the inconsistency with the act of declaring an emergency in Ontario regarding the "deadly" virus. Digging deep, her analyst nature, decided to look across the board, and all the provinces were in tow in that NONE of the data anywhere in the country, lined up. Stand Up Canada was soon born.

Here's just a quick snapshot, though one can find more info here; how a declaration of emergency came to be- unlawfully.

Carrying forth, the video shared above is from the last weekend of January.

It has taken all week for any mainstream media to cover the Freedom Convoy in such a way that is not at all biased. Otherwise those in peaceful demonstration in the nations capital (and around Canada), have been reduced down to as anything but peaceful, by Canada's own media, leaving media agencies around the world scratching their heads. Take a look, should you wish:

Finally, we meet who is behind the Freedom Convoy, via Global News, as of 2.2.2022:


News from America via Fox:

From America via The Hill

From the UK via The Daily Mail:

From Australia via Sky News Media:

From India via Gravitas /Wion:

Of course there is the king of satire (Canadian JP Sears, now living in America):

And, last but most certainly not least, message from a War Veteran:

What do we see through this? Can we look beyond ourselves and rather within to find the true message? I leave that with/for you. For me, love and compassion for ALL, lead the way.

Loads of love, &



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