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Fast Food, My Style

A quickie, whilst I'm on the go:

Yet another version of my original signature dish, this time pictured with wheatberries-

Courgette & sprouted wheatberries, with heaps of garlic, chili, sage, and nooch aka nutritional yeast (aka LSD here in Slovakia ;) ).

And hey, while I'm here, the following two pics are from Monday- lunch with a couple of my sweethearts, lil Maruska and her beautiful mom ;)

I did the usual, showed up, was given full access to the kitchen (as always ;)), and came up with a combo of both my signature dishes, minus a few ingredients. The garlic courgette with a roasted aubergine & red pepper sauce over a roasted butternut squash and a few bits of spinach thrown in for greenness ;) Ridiculously yum was the general consensus ;)

It all works, everything always works out in the end....and if it didn't, an ingredient was missed:

J.O.Y (synonymous with love)

Play with your food, enjoy your present moments <3


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