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Leftovers = Fritters: An Idea, for You ;)

A couple of posts ago, I shared a recipe for Plant-based Veggie Fritters using Chickpea Flour.

As I've been playing with the fritter idea, I though I'd just share another one with you.

With leftover roasted vegetables the other day and a couple spoons of rice, guess what I did?

Of course, I mashed it all together with a fork, added the chickpea flour, water, seasonings (simply dried herbs), folded in some rukola, added a pinch of salt and pepper and this all came about:

The two things on the plate I didn't yet mention, and made the fritters even more heavenly...?

A plant-based version of mozzarella, and a sauce of roasted red peppers & aubergine. Don't believe I've written out the method with pics for that sauce. Super easy, super delicious, and will impress anyone. (You literally char your veggies on a grill, indoors or in oven, allow to cool down, before removing skin and seeds (of peppers), and then blitz together in a food processor with a pinch of salt, pepper, and olive oil- simplest version).

NB: In the recipe for the mozzarella, I highly recommend you use lemon as opposed to apple cider vinegar. I'll do a full update with pictures, the next time I make it. In this particular dish (from which the leftover fritters was had), was roasted vegetables - with a Hokkaido pumpkin from the garden, as the main star), along with brown rice & the mozza sauce. It was a two thumbs up from the girls, whilst standing on their chairs ;) .


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